Friday, May 14, 2010

Jar Cozies

Jam Jar Cozies

So far, it's all crochet, which is funny to me. It seems like I'm always knitting and sewing and embroidering, but the evidence appears to show otherwise, and I can't really understand it. Anyway, I have been crocheting since I was a child (with LONG breaks, mind you, I did go through that knit snob phase where crochet was the red-headed stepchild of which nobody spoke) though the only thing I can recall ever finishing ever, besides the hangers, is a probably godawful baby bonnet I designed myself, crocheted for my new baby cousin Sam—he has an orange Mohawk now, and a pierced lip. I made a lot of looooooonnngg crochet chains and piles of random things that never amounted to anything, and it really never occurred to me that I might actually make an object with a useful purpose. Hence my loser crochet skills which allow me to make square and rectangular things only.

Enter the lovely Lucy at Attic24, whose blog is so enchanting I want to put whipped cream on it and eat it with a silver spoon. She whips up some cool crochet things. Attic24 has pretty much been the direct cause of most of my Blanket Sickness (with help from Ann and Kay at Mason Dixon Knitting and the always inspiring Alicia)—it would actually be pretty easy to mention and link both Lucy and Alicia in every one of my blog posts, because they both inspire me just about every day.

Today, it is all about these gorgeous jam jar covers. I implore you to click over to the Attic and look at the tutorial, since even if this kind of thing is super easy for you and you don't need any lessons, Lucy's photos are so yummy. Visit with her as long as you want, I will wait here until you get back.

As soon as I saw that tutorial, my antennae started vibrating, so I went thrifting and bought four short glasses for thirty-nine cents each, dug into my yarn scrap basket (which is prodigious, thanks to my blanket habit) and in an evening had made five jar cozies. Tuck a candle in there and light it, and man! So gorgeous. They look like stained glass, and I wish the photos could show that effect better.

You'll just have to try them for yourself! I used worsted weight yarns and a size 4.0mm hook, and chained 33 to get started, but you can just use whatever you have lying around, and chain however many it takes to fit your jar.


  1. I have no idea how I ended up on your blog - I think it was a link in someone else's. Anyway you ended up in my favourites to look at 'later'. Well that point just arrived. Wow is a totally appropriate word! So much skill and beauty. I've only looked at your crochet posts so far as well. Embroidery is next. Basically I want to scoop up all your makes and put them in my home! Everything is just so lovely. The squidgy comfort and colour of the blankets, the colourful quilts (I also love your pillow cases - keep meaning to do some for gifts). Just gorgeous, all of it. I am at the start of a blanket fixation in comparison (being a more lazy type I feel). Mostly I look at them - too much which stops me actually doing them. However, I have one and am on number two. I have at least 6 more that I can think of that I want to do. But I just love them and they are what I want to make. I found your comment about quilts being valued and your crochet not rather interesting. Maybe things are changing? The thing about these blankets is that the only way you can really have one is to do it yourself. For something that would cost just too much to buy it really is ironic where they may end up isn't it? I am also an attic 24 person (Love your slant on the bag with the catherine wheel stitch, it's lovely). My ripple is hers. But I was strongly influenced by Posy gets cosy and also Jane Brocket's ripple blankets. I don't know anymore whose I saw first; possibly Alicia's. But I knew I had to have one. Anyway, the internet has just enlivened things for me like nothing else ever did - just so much inspiration and all of it so much nicer than what you see in magazines and most books.

    Just wanted to say - in a very long winded way that your blog is right up there with being the most beautiful. Your talent is awesome and your taste is lovely. So I will be rumaging around for a while yet and when I have done that, I will be checking for updates! It's such a treat to find an 'new' blog full of undiscovered eye candy to devour. Thank you for putting it up so we can see your lovely things.

  2. Anonymous, thank you so much for this lovely comment! It made my day, really and truly. :)

  3. :o) SMILING!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm having a lovely time pootling through your archives!
    I am in love with your makes, esp your quilts which have as yet eluded me, although I'm damn sure I have at least one quilt in me. I'm wondering if I can make (and keep) a new years resolution to make 2012 the year of the Atiic24 quilt. Maybe.
    sending lots of love