Monday, December 13, 2010

Crochet ornament round up

crochet 033

These are Pip’s crocheted baubles; her tutorial can be found here. I made six of them, in different colors, to cover clear glass ornaments. I think the ornaments I used are about 4” in diameter, the yarn is sport weight cotton, (still) leftover from the gypsy pillow. Goodness, I’m getting a lot of play from those leftovers, aren’t I?

crochet 038

I had to modify Pip’s pattern by adding one row of dc clusters, ch 1 in order to make it big enough to fit on the ornament. I think these are just lovely, full of granny crochet goodness.

crochet, christmas 004

I also made these, again with the leftovers—this pattern is by Lucy at Attic24. Her tutorial can be found here.

crochet, christmas 006

These are so delicious! I want a whole tree, just decorated with crocheted ornaments.

crochet 006

I have several of these, too, in different patterns, which were made by my friend Sandy. Isn’t it dear? It’s a crochet christmas!


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  2. Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it, and I hope you'll visit me often. :)

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