Friday, January 7, 2011

Addicted to the urchins

crochet 038

Okay, technically this one isn’t an Urchin, but oh my gosh, these are so much fun. I went freestyle on this, my second attempt at one of Margie’s crochet-covered stones, and I love how it turned out! And I am out of stones now, and there are six inches of snow on the ground, what am I going to dooooooo? I only found this one by remembering I had built a small decorative cairn next to the back door, so I went out there to root around with a trowel until I located it, and even then it was frozen to the ground. A few quick hacks with a shovel soon took care of that--here, wait, let me show you the back:

crochet 040

Cool, right? Pretty much all I did was find an interesting crochet motif (this one came from here) and then just added a bunch of chained webbing at the end and sides until it was approximately the shape of the top of the rock. Then I decreased until it curved in, tucked the rock inside, and decreased again to tighten it up. Voila!

crochet 035


crochet 045

Aaahhh! (Yikes, I can see now that I goofed up the original Little Urchin pattern on the white one. Well, nothing to do but have another go at it! Whee!)

As soon as it is at all possible, I will be filling a bag with rocks and going completely hog wild. Yes, I will be a rock-covering, crocheting fool. You looking for me? I’ll be sitting right here, crocheting on rocks. Yessir, right here in this spot, crocheting away…hahaheeheehoho!