Monday, January 17, 2011

Cath-style tea towels


I am so inspired by Cath Kidston. Her beautiful interiors are so soft, light-filled, and cozy. I adore the combinations of florals and lace with wooly plaids and beat-up furniture. I aspire to it every day, and whenever I get a chance to get my Cath on, I do it.

These little towels are made from a thrifted linen tablecloth, which I did hesitate to cut up until I noticed a small stain, but really, I didn’t like it as a tablecloth, and for five bucks, it’s okay to experiment. The gorgeous crocheted lace is also thrifted. I know! Don’t you just want to go thrifting with me?


The very faded tag on the tablecloth said “The Pride of Flanders” and had a little dutch-style windmill on it. Somebody probably brought this thing back from their European grand tour and then used it on their tea table.


The only question remaining is whether I will dare to use them. As somebody wipes their peanut-buttery cheeks on this pretty thing, you will hear my screams.


  1. Yes, as a matter of fact I would like to go thrifting with you, especially if you go to places with beautiful crocheted lace and nice old linen tablecloths.

    Lovely re-use of both items, they look so good!

  2. Thanks, Jenny! I have had some good luck at the thrift stores, I must say. Or else I go way too often, which is more likely the case. Well, who can resist? It's great old junk, every time. :)

  3. These towels and everything I've seen on your blog is gorgeous! You are a multi-talented woman with an excellent eye for color and pattern. Thank you for sharing!