Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Christmas 004

Now that Christmas is past, I can show you the lovely towels and facecloth I made for my mom.

Christmas 001

I chose towels that would match her bathroom, then edged them in matching calico. These are the blushiest of blush pink. I kinda wanted to keep them, since there’s almost nothing I love better than a hot bath.

Christmas 002

I crocheted this little face cloth out of lime green organic cotton, in a bumply bobble stitch, which will be good for gently scrubbing. (One thing to know about my mom is that she has beautiful skin with nary a wrinkle, thanks to Noxema, as well as years of carefully avoiding the sun. She knows how to take care of her face.) The sparkly box contains a fancy bar of soap. The very lap of luxury. Love you, Mom!