Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dog bed slipcover


“I wish I had a cozy new cover for my doggie bed. The old one doesn’t go with the pretty bedroom floor. Will you make me one, huh? Pleeeeeeease?” *wagwagwag*



This is a simple envelope, nothing more than a pillowcase, with twill tape ties. The fabric is from a bundle of leftover upholstery pieces I bought at a garage sale years ago and have gradually almost used up. This piece was left, and it worked perfectly.

In the event you want to do this yourself, you almost certainly don’t need instructions, but just in case:

Measure your dog’s bed and add 1” to the side measurement and 1 1/2” to the length, if that’s the side with the opening. Cut two rectangles. Stitch up three sides using a 1/2” seam. Turn under the raw edges of the opening 1/2” and press, then turn under another 1/2” and press.

Cut six equal lengths of twill tape pin them on, spacing them evenly around the opening. Stitch around the opening, close to the fold. Turn and press. Stuff the old dog bed inside, and that’s it!