Sunday, January 30, 2011

Log Cabin Knitting Begins


Blanket #4 is on the needles. This is the first of sixteen blocks that will eventually, hopefully, be a Buncha Squares blanket. This design is by Ann and Kay at Mason Dixon Knitting, in an homage to the amazing Denyse Schmidt.

This blanket is a beautiful concept, just as beautiful as the original quilt concept was, which taught me that you can take a bunch of fabric that looks good together and just start sewing, just put it together without making a bunch of templates and precise measurements (if there’s anything I will fail at, it’s precise measurements) and your end result will be spectacular, dynamic, energetic, and all yours. Quit thinking, start sewing! I think that’s the line where craft becomes art.

Well, Ann and Kay are knitters, so they wanted to do this with yarn, and their knitted blankets are so incredibly inspiring that all I have to do is see a picture and I’m in the car to the yarn shop. And that’s what happened here with Buncha Squares.

Only this first square doesn’t look too good. I have not intended to knit a semaphore blanket in primary colors. (Why don’t they look like primary colors in the skeins? Huh? Why do they look like muted blues and greens with a hint of terra cotta while they’re in the bag, but when I knit them together they look like the French flag?)

Like I need any more blankets anyway…