Friday, January 28, 2011

Patchwork blanket update


It turns out that starting a hundred different knitting projects is not the path to Nirvana. It will not result in finished items. It will, instead, result in an enormous, teetering mountain of half-completed blankets, sweaters, scarves, hats, shawls, mittens, and socks. Which means that, unless I want to be found smothered by a toppled avalanche of yarn, I had better start finishing some stuff.


Sometimes, I just feel like knitting something, and I don’t care what. This beautifully simple project is so perfect for times like that. This is just simple garter stitch, knitted over 40 stitches, back and forth ,back and forth. I change the colors as my whim dictates or when the ball runs out, and when I have completed six or seven of these mindless strips, I will sew them together.


As I work on this, I am completely absorbed in something else, and this blanket appears to be knitting itself. My hands are busy, and my mind is free to pay attention to the John Adams miniseries on HBO. Before I know it, this will be done, and I’ll be picking out another blanket project. I have a few ideas in mind. In the meantime, progress is good.