Friday, January 14, 2011

Scarves and a Riddle

I’m sorry to have been absent, but I went on a little vacation. Can you guess where I went? Here’s a clue: the snow is fake, and so is the owl.florida vacation 2011 038

Those two gorgeous scarves were hand knitted by my beautiful daughter, who you see there on the left. She did a great job, and we needed them, because it was cold. Here’s another clue:

florida vacation 2011 048

Here’s me, outside The Three Broomsticks, sporting a butterbeer mustache. Now I'll bet you can guess! If you said this, you're right!


  1. Okay, her scarf is a Griffindor one, but is yours a Slytherin!? I would have put you in Ravenclaw if I was the sorting hat.

  2. Oooh, I love that! I'd love to be a Ravenclaw. In fact, I am so not a Slytherin that I actually felt a little poser wearing that scarf around. I got some menacing looks from the very many Gryffindors that were about the street.

    The beautiful daughter is making all four house scarves, and the Ravenclaw one is still on her needles, so since it was absolutely freezing, I was a Slytherin for the day. I love how stripey they are, and so warm. Very cozy!