Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What I got for Christmas

I want to show you what I got for Christmas:


Actually, there are two things in this photo that I got for Christmas: one is the fantastic wooly plaid blanket on the bed (thanks, Mom!) It seems like wooly plaid blankets are getting to be my new favorite thing. I can only blame Cath. This blanket is so warm and so soft, and it makes my bed look all grown up.


Well, you can’t really even see the other thing I got for Christmas in this picture, but this one is really pretty and I wanted to show it to you.


There it is, kind of peeking out at the left-hand side. It’s the floor! For Christmas for me, my husband stripped off the hundred-million layers of old paint and yellowing polyurethane from this beat-up old floor and turned it into this beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL thing.

Where was I while this was going on?

I was here:

florida vacation 2011 071

That’s Cinderella’s castle at Disneyworld. While I was at Disneyworld, he was at home on his knees, stripping old paint off the bedroom floor. For me. Heart!


Oooh, ahhhh! (See how there are about six boards at the end that are different from the others? Yup. All of a sudden, there are six boards of knotty pine on that side. Life in an old house! There are no end of surprises. We decided to embrace the knotty pine boards and love them anyway.)


Seriously, just look at that room. Oh, swoon! I love it so much.


  1. What a great husband you have!! LOVE the floors!! My next home{my hopefully forever home} will be old and will have wood floors. Did you make that Home pillow on your bed?? Is that a stupid question?? Your bed is amazing!! I need an old iron bed, but with a king size, I'm afraid I'm going to have to settle for a newer bed...

  2. He is great, I love him a whole bunch. :) I did make the pillow, yep! I loved that turquoise ball fringe so much it was hard to cut it up, but I'm glad I did. I also made all the pillow cases and slipcovered the chair. Go me! ;)

    I couldn't find an old iron bed, either, so that's a new one. Well, it was new 20 years ago. When does something become an antique?

  3. Surely its at least "vintage" by now!! I did find an iron bed at ikea that looks quite vintage, but I'm really holding out for a bed on Craigslist or Goodwill that I can paint...