Friday, February 18, 2011

Beaded Fabric Pendant


This is another one of those projects that inspires me to go a little overboard and make ten million of them. They are that easy, and the possibilities are so unlimited. You need a cover-your-own-button kit, a scrap of fabric, seed beads, and a pendant blank (I think that’s what it’s called. I got mine at Joann Fabrics. It’s just a plain disc with a loop hanger at the top.) Cover the button first, then sew on the beads. Then glue the beaded button to the pendant blank (I used E6000) and wait ten minutes. Make sure the glue is dry before you wear it—I had terrible visions of cementing this thing to my chest, but I was in a big hurry to wear it right away! (It didn’t happen, the glue was dry. Whew!)

It looks a little like a piece of porcelain, doesn’t it? I want to do one with my initial, and then one with a little embroidered flower, and then a whole pile more, just using little pieces of my favorite fabrics.

This idea came from Felt, Fabric, and Fiber Jewelry by Sherri Haab.