Saturday, February 26, 2011



I have crocheted a snail. He’s pretty cute! I keep trying to resist thinking of him as “Shelly” which is such an obvious choice, something in me tries to avoid the obvious, but that seems to be his name, so what are you gonna do?

These little amigurumi animals are kind of irresistible to me, they’re just so dang cute! The minute I’ve woven in the ends, though, I snap back to my senses and think, Now what am I going to do with it? Well, I guess I’ll just prop him on the mantel and look at him. Hi, Shelly!

The pattern came from a Leisure Arts booklet at the library, which was called something like “Cute Animals to Crochet.” If, like me, you suffer from amigurumi-itis, give this try. Resist the cuteness if you can!


  1. Shelly is really cute and a perfect name! :-)

  2. He is so cute! Love the colours you've chosen, and look at his little smile!

  3. ,,,now wouldn't "shelly" make a cute mobile for a childs nursery?,,,that's just "CUTENESS" in all caps!,,,(smile)

  4. Thanks, all! @Rebecca--yes! YES! Whoa, now I want to make a squirrel, and a hedgehog, and a butterfly, and maybe a ladybug, and make a mobile. Great idea, girl, thanks! I love the internet. :)

  5. ,,,"yes", you have just the right, very "cute" idea,,,a squirrel, hedgehog, ooohhh butterfly, sweet ladybug,,,i love the stitches, and woven cables, and the love knots of these blogs,,,now if only i could convince you to move next door so you can teach me "how" (smile),,,hope your day is full of sunshine,,,