Friday, March 4, 2011

Cody’s Lambswool, the beginning


My lovely husband bought me a new spinning wheel a few years ago, a gorgeous Ashford Kiwi. This thing has double pedal action and—get this—a one-piece drive band that you don’t have to untie and re-tighten every time you want to change the tension! (That’s it for the spinning jargon, I hope you’re still with me.) So, I had an old spinning wheel, just sitting there in the attic. The old wheel, my first wheel, came to me by way of a really good deal at a yard sale, so when my good friend Debbie happened to mention her long quest for an old spinning wheel, I had no qualms at all about just giving it to her.

Well, she was pretty happy about it, so happy in fact, that she gave me that huge pile of wool up there. Which is no ordinary wool, either, that is her beloved Cody’s lambswool. Cody is one of Debbie’s own flock, which she tends with the deepest dedication from dawn until dusk, sweeping and mucking and bandaging, and brushing their lovely fleecy coats twice a day. Twice! a day! No wonder Cody’s fleece is as white as snow and softer than baby hair. It is his baby hair, after all, it’s his lambswool, his first haircut. It is not nothing that she gave me that particular fleece, his one and only lambswool, so I resolved to take my time and get it right, to do my very best at spinning, and then to make something really wonderful with it.

It’s a long-term project. I’ve been spinning it for a week now, and have made no noticeable dent in the fleece whatsoever. It is so fine and beautiful that if you hold a piece of it in your hand, you can not feel it there, but you can feel it’s warmth, know what I mean? This wool is warm without having any weight to it at all. Oh, wow. I just love it so much, and I love her, too. Thank you, Debbie.

This is how much I still have left to spin:


Wow. It weighs nothing at all, either. Love love love.