Sunday, March 13, 2011

Disaster averted


Here is the first ball of yarn made from Cody’s Lambswool. I think it’s going to be okay, whew! After I had plied my singles, I had two beautiful, perfect skeins of fingering weight yarn, creamy and gently fuzzy, like lambswool should be. I put them in a sink full of room temperature water—which I always, always do; you have to get it wet to set the twist, and also, you know, this is really just hair that’s been hanging around for awhile getting dusty, not to mention handled a lot, so it needs a little bath. I swished it around in the water—gently! Really! But when I pulled it out of the sink, it looked like ramen noodles. Stuck together in some spots. It was—dare I say it?—a little bit matted.

I did scream a little bit. This is Cody’s one and only lambswool! Not to mention two weeks’ worth of the most careful spinning. Aargh. it took all day to dry, and I had to keep coming back in to check on it, looking at it to see whether it was as bad as I thought, trying to resist the urge to start picking the strands apart while it was still wet. So hard to resist that, I’ll tell you. I was absolutely compelled to mess with it.

Once it was dry, I put the first skein back on the swift and wound it into a ball. And yes, there were places where it had kind of stuck to itself and I had to gently unstick them, but it mostly wound okay and now I think it looks lovely again, all fuzzy and creamy and lamb-y.

The only problem now is that, if I want to make a sweater from the yarn (I do) and I want all the yarn in the sweater to look the same (I do) then I have to slightly felt all the rest of it, too—and the margin for error on this is zero. Ten more seconds of swishing that wool in the sink, and it would’ve been too late. Oh dear. Stay tuned.