Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The story of the day is that I have a very un-cozy head cold and have set up on the sofa with books, magazines, coffee, juice, tissues, antihistamines, and my phone, all there so I don’t have to move from this spot all day. The dog is very attentive, and keeps coming along with her cold nose, very concerned that I am not taking her for a walk, which she thinks is what we should be doing at all times.

Very fortunately, there is an abundant supply of cozy blankets around here, and a lovely warm fire, and suddenly my excellent ice cream shop roller shades have come in handy; now the odd passerby doesn’t have to look in the windows and see me napping here in the middle of the day.

I want to thank Renee and Gill for my lovely blogger awards, which I gratefully accept, even though I am very awful about following up and passing them along to the next lovely bloggers. In lieu of actually following the rules, I will instead suggest you should all go visit them, and see what they’re making—great stuff, both of them.

And now I will take my damp tissues and my stuffed-up sinuses and be off, and will leave you with this lesson I had to learn the hard way: when a sensible person tells you he’s got a cold, don’t drink from his water glass. I’m just saying.