Friday, March 25, 2011

Mom J’s Comfort Knitting


On Wednesday, my mother-in-law shocked everybody by announcing she was going in the next day to have her hip replaced. That pretty much sums up this sweet lady, who has never once in her whole life complained about anything; who would never want anybody to worry about her. Since we live about 400 miles away, I can’t go over and make a pot of soup (though I had such an enormous need to do this that I made a pot of soup anyway, and it’s simmering on the stove right now) so I made her a little Comfort Knitting Kit. It is one big ball of ecru cotton yarn, a pair of US size 6 needles and a little pair of scissors, along with a pattern that says, “Cast on 45 stitches. Knit until it’s a square. Bind off. Repeat as needed.” It all goes into a drawstring bag.

Knitting always comforts me, and if I had to spend the next six weeks either hobbling around with shooting pains going up my leg or sitting in a recliner, resting up from having just been hobbling around with shooting pains going up my leg, I’d want to have some completely plain knitting to fill my hands and my head, to soothe me.

All this is projecting, a little, because though she does know how to knit, she is very far from being the sort of girl who (like me) will spend an entire day making one sleeve and consider it time well spent. My mother in law likes to be on the move, which is why I think this little spell of recovery and rest might be particularly hard on her, and why I think she could use something productive to do while she waits it out.

Then again, if you knew her, you might not be surprised if she’s up and on the treadmill tomorrow, and snow-blowing the driveway on Saturday.

Get well soon, Mom.