Monday, March 7, 2011

Soft Denim Cardigan


Just in time for spring, I have finished another wool sweater. Actually, since it is only about 20 degrees today, I don’t have much hope for an early spring, so I think this cardigan will get some play before the weather changes.


Nothing fancy here, just plain, densely knit stockinette stitch in a nice, soft wool (Patons Classic Wool). I designed this myself, to fit me.


There’s no waist shaping, a choice I rarely make, but for this, I really wanted a warm, workhorse cardigan that would fit over another layer; I wanted extra-long sleeves, a long hem, and thick warm knitting. Actually, I guess I made this sweater because I’m cold. Take that, winter!


  1. ,,,your sweater is lovely,,,father winter insists on staying, though your sweater will pair well with spring when she makes her way around,,,we received a dusting of snow last night, thank goodness for the sun today!,,,(smile)

  2. can't beat a snuggly cardigan. They are great in any season. I'm sure you'll get lots and lots of wear out of it. I love the colour too x

  3. Its a lovely cardigan Kristen, classic and timeless - i love the blue denim colour. I'm sure you'll find this a useful one as well as being warm!