Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why Vera gets the Big Bucks


I’m that girl who stands there drooling in front of giant displays of Vera Bradley and covets it, all of it, and who (annoyingly) thinks to herself, “I can make that myself!” I’m also that girl who is occasionally wrong, and this innocent-looking zip bag drove that point home with painful accuracy. I won’t even show you Sunglasses Zip Bag v.1, but I will tell you that it looked like some kind of mobius sculpture, and that the bottom piece was operating on two different planes. I have no idea what happened.

Anyway, v.2 is not much better. For one thing, I sewed the zipper on upside down—that pink fabric is supposed to be the lining. I also painted myself into a corner at the open end of the zipper and couldn’t figure out how to get the ends tucked in and stitched down, not for love nor money. I sat there bending and folding and turning and flipping the thing around like it was a Rubik’s Cube, and was truly clueless. It’s so confusing! There’s lining fabric on the outside! Which part was the bottom? Wait, If I sew this now, I won’t be able to turn it right side out…is it right side out already? I don’t know! At the very least, I might have considered using a pattern. Memo for next time!