Saturday, April 23, 2011


And now there are curtains, too.  I love how these look, which is sort of amazing, since I normally don’t even want curtains—they make the windows feel cluttered--but since this room faces the main road, I guess I kind of need them.

My first thought was to have as little on the windows as possible, as if I could hang curtains without having to have any curtains.  I was afraid covering the windows would smother the light, so (while there was still plastic everywhere) I made some narrow panels out of very cheap thin white muslin, and hung them.   Then I shrieked and tore them down again, because they were emphatically stupid.

I decided I wanted bright pink flowers on a light background, and would hang them cafe-style, over the lower half of the window, and that the window would just have to get over it. 
Mmmhmm, that’s pretty.  Don’t you love it when things work out?