Sunday, April 17, 2011



I can tell I’m going to love this room.  But allowing the recommended 24 hour drying time for the joint compound is the WORST.  We’re all fired up, ready to get this thing done, but instead, a perfectly good Sunday full of hours is spent sitting around amongst my piles of yarn and boxes of thread, watching paint dry.  Total buzzkill.

What’s taking so long is the ceiling, which was a last-minute addition to the project, but which I looked up at one day last week and just went UGH!  I had kind of stopped looking up there, you know?  Just kind of forgot the ceiling was up there, and whoa, it had gotten pretty ugly.  I figured we were already making a mess, so I gently asked my general contractor husband if we could fix it.  “Sure,” he said.  (Just waiting for me to ask, I guess.)  “I’ll do it Sunday.”  This morning, he got out the scraper and started poking at the peely wallpaper up there (yeah, I know!) with the stucco coating (can you believe that?) to see if much of it was loose.  A whole lot of it turned out to be loose, and the resulting mess was pretty spectacular.  But even with big brown patches of discoloration peeking through the first coat of drywall compound, it already looks better.  Yes, I do love progress.