Friday, April 8, 2011

Granny’s Cabin Quilt Preview


Here’s a preview of my next project. I have spent the last fourteen hours straight working on this quilt; it has kept me completely entertained, and I love it when that happens. I did pause to have a sandwich (egg on rosemary garlic bread with baby lettuce and dijon mustard, mmmmmm) but then got right back down to it. These are the kinds of things that keep me up at night.


And the house is an utter shambles. Does this happen to you? I don’t know why my sitting in one chair and focusing on something will cause the mess to multiply in every other room of the house. I’d like to get some kind of study on that. Does the dog shed more because I’m busy? Do the dishes un-wash themselves? I don’t get it. I, myself, am also a complete mess, with bits of thread stuck all over my sweater and still wearing the same socks from yesterday. The guy came to the door to read the meter, and I hid so he wouldn’t see me.


It is not lost on me that these log cabin blocks look kinda (a lot) like granny squares.



  1. Yep..happens here all the time! In fact, tomorrow I am having a marathon quilting session with my best friend. Our husbands are on a camping trip, so what better way to spend a Saturday than doing what we both love to do.

  2. ,,,it happens at my address too!,,, i mind my own business at my computer reading my favorite blogs like "cozy things" and "dig this chick" and i notice things around me start to unravel as though i orchestrated it myself,,,i'm convinced the housekeeper isn't happy with her pay because she seems to leave a lot of un-finished business,,,wait! the housekeeper is me,,,what's a girl got to do?,,,love the "preview" you just keep working on her, i'm living vicariously through you,,,how i wish i was as talented as you with a sewing machine, knitting needles and thread,,,happy weekend!

  3. How beautiful !
    Fourteen hours: that is much time..., but you enjoyed yourselves and you had the inspiration on that moment. I know the feelings.
    You have a nice blog, my complements for it!
    Greet, Elizabeth

  4. When I was a quilter-holic I would think nothing of starting the next step of the quilt at 1am. You know, you've cut it, pieced it, sandwiched it and then the best bit - the hand quilting.....time on the clock makes no difference. People used to say to me I'm too busy to quilt I have a house to run -( 'scuse me can't the house run itself??) I used to answer with I'm too busy to run the house I have quilting to do....
    By the way at the moment I'm addicted to crochet and all of the above applies just the same......

    Your quilt's looking good