Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Pincushion of Happiness

There’s a pile of buckets and trowels in the middle of my house.  There is a plastic tarp over my sewing machine.  It snowed yesterday.  So I did what anybody would have done, and I crocheted a pincushion.


You know, as one does.  I crawled underneath a tarp and rummaged in a plastic box until I found a hook, and went into a different room, away from the massive mess.  I really can’t even look in there right now.  I just want to whimper and suck my thumb, and make it go awaaaaay. 

I have such a hard time with this stuff, this repainting and re-doing.  I always know it’s going to be rough, but it’s always rougher than I thought it would be.  I really love order, and this is the opposite of order.  This is all my stuff—my stuff, my yarn and fabric and needles and embroidery hoops and everything—shoved off into the corner under a bunch of plastic.  This is paint chips all over my new furniture.  This is me not being able to find the iron.  This is waiting around while stuff dries.  And a continuous mess.  Dean (that’s the husband) likes to work until he’s panting and half dead, then just put down the scraper and walk away, but I really, really feel a need to clean everything up in between, so I’m down on my knees mopping up drywall globs at 11:00 pm because I know that if I come downstairs in the morning and that’s what I see, I will not be able to have a good day.  I also really, really need to have these projects done ASAP, but he has a rather more liberal expectation, timeframe-wise.  He’s happy with “it’s starting to look better.” 

Since I want it to look good when it’s finally over, I’m taking deep breaths and being as patient as possible, and, since I know where the hooks are, I am crocheting stuff. 

100_7417a The lighting in these photos is a little strange.  Everything is strange around here.  Serenity now!


  1. Oh Kristen, I do feel for you. Having your craft stuff inaccessible is horrible! But as long as you can get to your wool and your hooks, you'll get through it. Let that hook dance in the air and create beautiful little things like your lovely pin cushion, and you'll get there!

  2. ,,,when life offers up lemons you fancy really cute pin cushions,,,that-a-girl,,,just breathe,,,soon it will all be over and "order" will be front 'n center,,,can't wait to see the finished project,,,have you tried to bribe mr dean with say a hot fudge sundae?,,,it works for me, you should see how quickly "he" moves after he's enjoyed something sweet,,,(smile)

  3. You poor thing! Thank goodness for crochet hooks ay. I adore your pincushion - it's gorgeous. Did you make up the pattern? I'd love to make one. I hope the rest of your week isn't too stressful hon.

  4. Thanks, you guys. Aw, I feel better--he's up on the ladder right now, dealing with that ceiling. Soon, very soon...

    Re: pincushions, nope, I didn't make up the pattern. What I did was suss it out by looking at a photo of one posted here: http://bunnymummy-jacquie.blogspot.com/2011/04/crochet-inspiration.html. I can't read a crochet chart, but I can sort something out from a photo, go figure. :)

  5. Definitely a case of Keep Calm and Carry On Crocheting - you did the right thing!Love hte little pincushion!
    You poor thing, I can empathise.
    Just hope it gets done as quickly as huamnly possible, and dream about how wonderful its going to be when its all finished - hold onto that thought!
    Gill x