Thursday, April 14, 2011

Summer Shoulder Bag


I love this summer bag.  It is big enough to load up with a towel and a hat and sunblock and a paperback and a little box of strawberries and head to the beach for the day, but since the top folds over, it doesn’t look weird if all you have in there is your wallet and keys.  Not that I would ever manage to get out of the house with nothing but a wallet and keys, oh no.  Any time I go anywhere, I have so much stuff it looks like I’m running away from home.  So I need a big bag, and this one is perfect. 


There are two outside pockets and one inside pocket, and that’s about it for fancy design elements.  As always, the strap took me twice as long to make as the whole rest of the thing put together, but that’s just me, and I’m sure you’ll have better luck.  I can’t seem to measure two long, skinny pieces of fabric and then stitch them together without a problem, not to mention trying to turn it right side out.  This bag has a nice wide strap, so you guys should all be fine, don’t mind me.  I should really measure three times, cut once.  That should be my new motto. 

The lovely free pattern is here, found at whipup.  If you decide to make one, and you should--it’s quick and easy and stashbusting, my three favorite things—my only note to you is that if you want to flip down the corners of the outside pocket piece so that the pocket lining shows (on mine, that bit is red) you’ll have to figure that part out as you go, because it’s not written into the pattern.  Just work it in during Step 2, before you do the vertical topstitching at the sides.  This bag is cute, customizable, and kind of inspiring.  I can see a whole bunch more of them happening at my house.  Summer, come on in!