Saturday, May 28, 2011

Catherine? Harlequin?

More progress!  Wow, I love working on this.  I get the whole thing all spread out on the couch, all my current colors lined up and the pattern (which I still need, since I can’t seem to remember which rows start with ch 3 and which ones start with ch 4 and which ones start with ch 1) and it takes up the whole room, me and my blanket.  It needs so much space!  Especially now that it’s long enough to start looking blanket-ish—that’s such a great moment, isn’t it?  I also love the point at which it becomes longer than it is wide—I still have that to look forward to.  It’s the little things.
The stitch pattern I’m using is called Harlequin, which looks like it must be some variation of Catherine Wheel—there are probably a ton of variations in these stitch patterns. This is slightly different than the Catherine Wheel pattern I used before.  I think what makes these square is the addition of one chain at the top of each cluster.  They look like patchwork—I love that!  Here is a pattern tutorial, if you’re interested in the technique, although I can’t find any internet source for the exact variation I’m using, which came from this book.  I am charting my own course, stripe sequence-wise. 
It’s going to be 89 degrees here this weekend.  That’s wool weather, for sure.  Right?