Sunday, May 8, 2011

Frodo Baggins, a love story


As I’ve gone on and on about before, I started making things when I was a girl, and that’s all down to my wonderful mother, who made things too, and who taught me by example that it’s a pretty great way to pass the time.  Naturally, when I had a daughter of my own, I had visions of us sitting on the sofa and working on our needlepoint together, or something like that.  I sewed her rag dolls and made baby size quilts and handcrafted all her Halloween costumes.  I made her clothes.  Eventually, I helped her make a skirt to fulfill one of her Girl Scout patch requirements.  I was a crafty example mom.

Then, she became a teenager, and that was it.  Until Frodo Baggins came into our lives. 


She made this Frodo—and he is life sized (well, hobbit size)—entirely on her own, with almost no help from me at all.  She figured out how to make his little body pieces by studying other dolls and their shapes, she crafted his little clothes herself by deconstructing thrift store finds, and made him a One Ring by taking apart an ugly yard sale necklace.  She sewed on his hair (and his foot hair) one strand at a time, and then made it curly with water and twist ties.  And she embroidered his face to make him look like Elijah Wood, too, which is the hugest feat ever accomplished by anybody in this house with a needle and thread. 

Frodo lives with her in her college dorm room.  He has his own Facebook page. He goes trick-or-treating:


I love him so much.  My daughter made him.  Success!  Happy Mother’s Day to me, and to all of you, too.