Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fun Fur Hedgehog: an Epic Tale

How can you tell when somebody is one of your very favorite people?  You make them one of these.


First off, he is so desperately cute that it’s hard to imagine giving him away.  Oh my goodness, look at his little feeeeeet!!!


Also, there is no way in the world I will ever make another one.  Honestly, I don’t know how anybody can work with that fur yarn.  You can’t see what you’re doing! You follow the very clever pattern, single crocheting in all the single crochets from the previous row, but there is absolutely no telling where the previous row is, let alone where the single crochets are.  It is a bird’s nest of hair.  I ended up just kind of stabbing the hook in at what seemed like regular intervals, and wherever there was some give, I made a stitch. 


To summarize:  step one—bite the bullet and buy some eyelash yarn.  This might go against all your personal yarn-loving principles, but remember who the end result is for, steel yourself, and go down that aisle of the yarn store.   Fun Fur looks just like hedgehog needles, so you know you need it.  Actually, this pattern is the best use of Fun Fur ever.

Step Two—assemble your materials:  yarn, hook, scissors.  Find the pattern you bookmarked a long time ago (wow, lots of bookmarks.  Scroll, scroll, scroll…)  This might take awhile. 

Step Three—work the first two rows of the pattern. Get up to go find a stitch marker, which you forgot in step two. 

Step Four—work the next three rows of the pattern.  Get up to go find a ponytail elastic, which you failed to notice was something you needed in step two.  Scrounge fruitlessly in every corner of both bathrooms.  Look under daughter’s bed, find nothing.  Stop to have dinner.

Step Five—forget hair elastic idea, dig around in newly sorted storage cubbies for a small piece of elastic cord.  You know it’s there, you remember putting it…somewhere.  This might also take a long time.  Eventually, find it in the very last (and also most obvious) place it could possibly be.

Step Six—Easily finish the face, hands, feet (the feeeet!) and body of the hedgehog.  Die a little at how cute he is, how his little arms and legs cuddle in.  Say, “Oh my goodness, this thing is the cutest!” approximately fifty times.

Steps Seven and cont.—Attach the fur yarn and begin stitching blindly, saying, “Whaaaat?” and “Are you kidding me?”  and “I can’t even see what’s going on!”  Painstakingly pick out each piece of trapped fur with a yarn needle.  Lie down for awhile to recover.

Prologue—sew cute little beady nose and eyes.  Trim fur so hedgie face and body can be seen.  Die a little more at how cuuuuute he is!  Wrap quickly for shipping so it’s at all possible to part with him.  Be amazed at the cleverness of your fellow crafty bloggers.  Great pattern, Kat


Final Score—Cozy Things 1, Fun Fur 0.  His name is Maurice.

Awwwww!  Love you, sis.