Thursday, May 26, 2011

Harlequin Stripe, progress


I’ve been suffering a bad case of start-itis, and the result is that I have too many Big Projects happening all at once.  Which, as you know, I think is marvelous, but it’s hard to see progress, you know?  I hook away until my fingers ache, but it doesn’t ever get bigger.  Besides which, there are three sweaters, three pairs of socks, one very ambitious embroidery project, the spinning (which is apparently endless, really) and that’s not even all of it.  I do like to have a lot of different things going at once.100_7676a

Here’s the Harlequin Stripe blanket, still in a very early state—so early, in fact, that the full extent of the plan is not yet apparent.  Here’s a hint:  green is next!  I do love working on this thing.  I’ll post pattern details as I get a little further along. 


The weather has been so perfect lately—I had kind of begun to despair, but it is only May, after all.   I think I’m going to take up professional porch-sitting.  This is my new office, that chair right there.