Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In Which I Slipcover Myself


I can’t even believe this.  I have made myself some pants.  These cost one dollar, and they fit me.  Whaaaat? 


The pattern came from this book, which I borrowed from the library, and the denim fabric was a lucky thrift store find.  The zipper and button I already had.

A word about the pattern:  first, I had to spend an hour tracing the pattern pieces onto my own paper since you can’t cut up parts of library books.  After that, it was a couple hours and done!  I made one small goof on the fly, easily fixed.  I will say that while Wendy’s book is fantastic and made sewing these actually very easy, it is not (I don’t think) a book for beginners.  I was, a few times along the way, left to figure things out on my own.  If you’re prepared to do that, get yourself a couple yards of fabric and get started!  You can make your own pants! 


I have, er, a problematic figure.  There is, let’s say, a sizable differential between my hip and waist measurements.  Which is why I have finally resorted to trying to make my own pants, and when I told all my friends, even the ones who sew, about my plan to slipcover myself, the reaction was openmouthed incredulity. 


Guess what?  I can make my own pants, and so can you!  These ended up being kind of dressy somehow, so I added this engineer belt to offset the Grandpa’s Trousers effect.  This was, again, supposed to have been the test run, which is why there are no front pockets nor back pocket detailing, but since they turned out great the first time (I’m going to get a complex, I think) I guess I can live with it.  Next time, I’ll try a dark wash with slimmer legs and some contrast stitching. 


I was so happy, I danced a little jig!  I feel like this unlocks all kinds of secret doors—I never have to spend five frustrating hours at the mall again, feeling fat and horrible and, ultimately, disappointed in the end.  I can make all my own now, with different fabrics, adding pockets and stitching and contrast fabrics at the waistband, and tapering the legs if I want…wow.  Just, wow.  It’s a new world today, friends.