Thursday, May 5, 2011

A kittycat blanket story


This big orange tomcat is called Elvis.


He lies around most of the day, shedding on the furniture and making everyone sneeze.  He also loves to sit on whatever project I’m working on.  I mean, he really, really loves to do that.  He will go to great lengths to sit on my project.  It’s his mission in life.


I had a little pile of upholstery remnants in my stash, so I decided to sew them together and make Big E his own blanket. I’ll put it on the couch, I thought, and he’ll lie on it because, well, it is a project, and he can shed on it instead of directly on the furniture, and then I can just throw it in the washer.  Ta-Da!  So brilliant. 


Hey, check it out, Big E!  It’s a project on the couch!  It’s all soft and rumply, too, just the way you like it.  Mmmmmhmmm, come on, man, come see.


This is for me?  My own blanket?  And it’s all done, you’re not going to make me scoot over so you can see what you’re doing? 


Well, okay, I’ll try it.  Seems soft enough.  And it is rumply, I do like rumply things…


I don’t know, I just feel like you’re going to tell me to move any minute now.  Besides, you’re not working on this one anymore; that takes some of the fun out of it.


Maybe I should sit over here and think about it for awhile.


I’ve got time for a quick bath…


Yeah.  I like it.  Zzzzzzzz.


  1. I have a cat like that too :o)

  2. I love it - what a giggle! Elvis is adorable. Aren't they just hilarious and predictable? My cat Bella is sitting on my crochet project as I type. Just because I put it down beside me for a second was an instant invitation to her. Wouldn't change it for the world! Have a fab weekend.

  3. I love cats... my orange and white cat Smartie had to be put to sleep a year and half ago, it still hurts--towards the end he wouldn't let me type, he'd lay his head on my arm and stay there for as long as I was on the computer. Or anywhere else. He just had to be with me. And now with Pantera (the black cat) it's the same. She's sitting right here as I type :) and saying hello to Elvis!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Elvis is my favorite! Even though he drives my allergies crazy lol He's such a chill cat and that blanket is so cute for him!

  5. Elvis is the king! so funny, you made me laugh
    j x

  6. Im laughing at Elvis.Why do they always want to sleep on 'work in progress'My fur boys Norman Bill and Tom practically live in my wool basket and they always sprawl onthe ironing board when Im trying to iron(Which actually is not very often as I hate ironing).
    Anne x