Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lavender sachets


Don’t these little lavender sachets look like candies? 


Or fancy tea bags?


Or wedding favors, or possibly those little bags of birdseed you’re supposed to toss at the happy couple?  (Do they still do that?)


Well, this is what they’re for.  They’re just little calico packets filled with lavender flowers—man, was that ever a relaxing project!  The lovely aromatherapy effects of that giant bag of weed flowers was actually really soothing.  Maybe I should put one of these sachets under my pillow, and one in each of my dresser drawers, tucked amongst my dainty things.  Mmm, so old fashioned!  Next I’ll be wearing bloomers and little white gloves that button at the wrist.  Watch out, it could happen.