Monday, May 23, 2011

Vintage sheet duvet cover


This is how I do cozy during the warm weather months:  a down comforter (thrifted and washed in hot water) and a handily crafted duvet cover made with two matching vintage sheets (also thrifted).  A patch of grass, some dappled sunlight, an absorbing thriller, and a long empty afternoon. 


Essentially, this is nothing but a big pillowcase, with short lengths of twill tape sewn at intervals along the open edge, and tied shut to keep the comforter inside. 

This will probably get some grass stains on it, and it will probably fade when I forget and leave it out in the weather for a few days, and it will probably get bird poo on it, or get rained on, or compromised in some other way, but who cares?  Back in the wash it goes, and out again as lovely as ever.

A few years ago, we were guests in a bed and breakfast, and when we mentioned to the owner that we were heading out for a picnic lunch, she said, “Why don’t you take one of the quilts off the bed, to sit on?”  That blew my mind.  Really?  Right off the bed?  Won’t it get, er, dirty?  Well, yeah it will.  But that’s okay!  I think about that all the time, when I’m worrying that something I made will get wrecked because someone used it.  What, do I want a big pile of stuff that’s only good for looking at? 


Mmm, nope.