Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cath’s Holly Hobbie Bag


The Lesson of the Day is about hasty fabric choices, and how such can result in a bag that looks like it was made from a c.1979 Christmas tree skirt.   I made this as inspired by the pattern photo (from the book Sew! by Cath Kidston) but I wish now I’d gone with my gut and used a larger assortment of fabrics.  I do really love motley patchwork, and this is a little too organized for my taste.   It looks like it could be one of those pre-printed fake patchwork fabrics, but I--and the puncture holes in my finger where a thimble really should go--can assure you that I did spend most of four days hand-stitching this little beauty. 


I also think the handles are a little bit small and silly, but they’re what I had.  I do believe this thing could benefit from a little irony, but it has none whatsoever, and it looks like something you might consider spending a dollar for at a yard sale.  But I can say I have learned to paper-piece hexagons!  That’s something, right?