Friday, June 3, 2011

Something Pretty Potholder


I had to take a break from the uneventful homogeneity of all the huge projects I have in progress.  I think this is a clue as to why I keep starting new things; if only I could remember to start small things once in awhile, it wouldn’t pile up so much.  

This potholder is the result of the combined efforts of at least four people.  The basic pattern came from Mille, and can be found here.  Tif saw it and figured out how to make the two petal rounds keep on going forever, and then I noticed it was making such a nice plump fabric that was crying out to be a potholder, so I made Lucy’s flat circle in the same size as the front and then crocheted them together.  Come to think of it, I probably got the edging from Alice at Crochet with Raymond, so actually, counting me, that adds up to five people.  Whew!