Thursday, June 2, 2011

A tale of three sleeves

I am surrounded by unfinished projects.  There are so many, too many to even list here.  You’d shake your head at me if you could see them all.  Three pairs of socks.  Four scarves.  Two blankets.  Embroidery.  Pants.  Shift dress (yeah, I’m a little bit excited about that one!) And mostly right now, three sweaters, all knit in fingering weight yarn.  That’s sock yarn, friends, on tiny needles. 


These three sweaters are all nearing completion, and I am diligently knitting away at them, trying to make some progress, trying to have something to show for my hours of work and swollen knuckles.   Why, you may ask, would a person feel the need to start so many things at once? 

No, I know better than that—you all know how it is.  Inspiration strikes, and you are off and running, right?  Yeah, I know too, and while it is pleasant to always have something a little different to work on; when I get sick of knitting sleeves (wow, am I sick of knitting sleeves) I can crochet for awhile  (Granny squares?  Harlequin?  What’ll it be today?) or embroider (mod or traditional?) or of course any one of about hundred other things.  But this is a lot, even for me.


Sleeves!  I’m begging you, please be finished soon!  I want to be done with these three sweaters!  I want to put away the size 3 needles!   I don’t even want to wear them right now, because it is eighty degrees (and I am not complaining about that, no ma’am) and can’t stand the thought of a sweater.  Thus the shift dress, and the ruffle-edged wrap skirt, and heck, the graphic pillow cover done in linen with plummy pinks and oranges…whoops, thinking out loud, sorry.


Of course, we all know what will happen when they’re all finished (which will probably happen all within the same week, knowing me.)  Yes, I will be overwhelmed by the need to cast on for three more sweaters.  I have a few picked out…