Sunday, July 17, 2011

Are you looking at me?


Such is the lure of all your beautiful blogs with all the lovely little projects.  I have crocheted a cozy for my phone, using this pattern, seen at Annaboo’s House.  She made one and I thought the stitch pattern was so cute and, heck, I have yarn that exact color, so…right, here it is.


I have no restraint.  None!  I have so many things that are half-done, and do a need a little cozy for my phone?  No, no I do not.  In fact, and this is the funniest thing ever, when my phone rings, I am invariably halfway across the house and I can hardly hear it.  I’m all, “SHHHH!  Is that my phone ringing?  Who’s phone is that?  Is that your phone, or mine?”  Then I trot over to where my bag is hanging and rummage around for awhile, feeling around in the dark amongst the sunglasses and lip gloss and stray coupons, and the phone is just ringing and ringing and finally, just as I locate the thing and click to answer it…it goes to voicemail. 


So this adorable little thing, which looks like a clutch handbag my grandma would have carried to do her duty at the USO in 1944, oh swoon, with its two little buttons, is probably just going to complicate things as far as being able to answer it before it stops ringing, things which are bad enough already, as I’m fumbling with it—once, I dropped it in the dog’s bowl—so I don’t know why I do these things, other than the main reason, which is that they are so dang cute

And also, I feel it is looking at me.


You feel it too, don’t you?  Come on, you do. 


  1. I love this!!Have been planning to make this for a while!!I could really relate to the story of what happens when your phone rings.

  2. Ha Ha! Those buttons give it personality. I want to make one too! I like the floral lining.

  3. It's absolutely adorable - the lining is gorgeous! Totally love your story about the phone ringing - hilarious.

  4. This is so super cute. It is like it is looking at you.

  5. ha! So cute! I am the same way with my phone. I used to have a little embroidered case for it but it started falling apart. My phone is always someplace else, I never hear it, never answer it in time if I do -- and folks are always complaining that I am ignoring them. :/ I think I need to whip up some sort of little cozy -- added to my long list of things I want to try. :) Have a great week. Tammy

  6. Lovely! Cute buttons.
    It seems to work really well in the vintage yellow, doesn't it?

  7. He-he! Thank you for this laugh! Still giggling... especially the dog's bowl, wonderful...
    Cute little bag! You could talk to him when you miss a call!
    x Hilde

  8. That is really cute! Would make great gifts xxx