Saturday, July 30, 2011

Treasure From the Sea


I love beach glass, made when the sea turns broken Heineken bottles into frosted and glowing little pieces of treasure.  Until a few weeks ago, I had never before found a single piece (which the awesome Shell remedied by sending me a little parcel of goodies found on her lovely home beach—my very first sea glass!  Shell is fab.) 

Shell’s glass was so pretty and I wanted to make some jewelry with it, but it seemed too precious, and so I just looked at it, admired it. 

Then we went to Bastiamento Beach, Vieques P.R. which, it turns out, is one of the best sea glass-finding beaches in all the world.  There was glass everywhere.  Everywhere.  As in, I dared not go barefoot.  Most of it, it must be said, was not quite cooked yet, and the difference between broken bottles and treasure from the sea is a lot of time and wave-action, so we threw some back for the waves to work on awhile longer, and also actually picked some up and put it in the trash so nobody would lose a toe.  There was so much broken glass on Bastiamento Beach that I wondered whether people are chucking their beer bottles into the water there in order that there will always be more sea glass?  Amongst all the deadly-looking shards, we found lots of lovely tumbled pieces and I made this pendant from one of them.  It is the color of the Caribbean Sea.