Saturday, July 30, 2011

Treasure From the Sea


I love beach glass, made when the sea turns broken Heineken bottles into frosted and glowing little pieces of treasure.  Until a few weeks ago, I had never before found a single piece (which the awesome Shell remedied by sending me a little parcel of goodies found on her lovely home beach—my very first sea glass!  Shell is fab.) 

Shell’s glass was so pretty and I wanted to make some jewelry with it, but it seemed too precious, and so I just looked at it, admired it. 

Then we went to Bastiamento Beach, Vieques P.R. which, it turns out, is one of the best sea glass-finding beaches in all the world.  There was glass everywhere.  Everywhere.  As in, I dared not go barefoot.  Most of it, it must be said, was not quite cooked yet, and the difference between broken bottles and treasure from the sea is a lot of time and wave-action, so we threw some back for the waves to work on awhile longer, and also actually picked some up and put it in the trash so nobody would lose a toe.  There was so much broken glass on Bastiamento Beach that I wondered whether people are chucking their beer bottles into the water there in order that there will always be more sea glass?  Amongst all the deadly-looking shards, we found lots of lovely tumbled pieces and I made this pendant from one of them.  It is the color of the Caribbean Sea. 



  1. that is so pretty and what a treasured memory it will be , your holiday sounds so wonderful
    j x

  2. A beautiful necklace to remind you of a wonderful holiday. I have a few pieces of sea glass kept in a jar. I also bought a piece last summer that is already wired as a pendant. Just need to get a choker or chain to hang it off of.

    We stayed in a jungle lodge while in Chitwan, Nepal and had lots of critters as roommates -- I didn't name them though and couldn't sleep with them all around. :/ You're braver than me.

    Have a great day. Tammy

  3. How beautiful. My boys collect them and calls it 'crystals' everytime at the beach we actually go crystal hunting. Lots of green, brown and clear-gone-witheish here. We stick them onto our picnic table at the little beach house, made all our initials now :-)

  4. Your vacation sounds lovely, and sea glass is my favorite. Here in Florida we don't get any, at least on the Gulf side of Florida we don't. I only have a few pieces from a trip to Mexico. Love your necklace. Happy Weekend,

  5. Just beautiful!! Love that green - sea glass is so pretty.

  6. ,,,i adore sea glass and your treasure is lovely, you did the glass proud how wonderful to wear her around your neck,,,i desperately looked for any signs of sea glass while on holiday on the beaches of "the cape" and martha's vineyard but i wasn't so lucky, i suppose i'll just have to keep looking,,,