Friday, August 26, 2011

Hand-pieced Hexagon Pillow


I don’t know how many more porch-sitting days we’ll get this summer, but I never stop hoping for at least one more.  (Today isn’t one of those days, though.  It’s pretty gloomy out there this morning.  Maybe later, though, right?  I’m making some lemonade, just in case.)

I finished this pillow cover today, after what felt like a hundred million years of hand sewing, and believe me, I am not one to shy away from a long-term project, nor a lot of hand sewing, either.  I don’t know what it is about these hexagons that makes me love them—and also hate them—quite so much.  And I don’t know what can make them take so loooooong.  They are so much fun, but they’re so ennervating.  They’re enchanting, but frustrating.  They’re dear, but they are still there, after a week of sewing.  I don’t know what to make of it.

I’m also not sure what possessed me to make this pillow cover (yes I do) especially when I already had this:


…which I made two years ago, on a machine, in about an hour.  How different are they, really?


Wait, I see it.  Yes, the hexagon one is definitely great.  I get it!  Can you believe I didn’t get it until it was done, until I looked at the two of them together?  The whole time I was sewing, and love/hating the hexagons, I was thinking, “Why am I doing this?  I already have a pillow that looks just like this!”  I see now.  I do have a boundless love for anything patchworky, and this falls right into that category, so therefore I couldn’t help myself, and now I’m glad. 


  1. I just found your blog 2 nights ago and I am enjoying every lovely, handmade inch of it! You do incredibly fabulous work!

  2. Oh I'm in love with both of your cushions Kristen...I think the hexagon one is my favourite but they are both just adorable.
    Jacquie x

  3. There's just something wonderful about those hexagons! Both are lovely, though. I don't have the patience for that much hand sewing, but if I did, this project would top my list. Love it!

  4. i absolutely love your cushions..anything made with random colours and hexagons and squares is my couch is so uncomfortable without cushions and i keep meaning to make some but there are just too many projects..

  5. No it's absolutely great :-) I'd be really scared to try it, though!

  6. Oh, I love both cushions, but there is something extra specially lovely about the hexagon one! :)

  7. It's really beautiful! I always thought that they were whip stitched/over sewn together but I have read some people say that they slip stitched them so am wondering now. I feel pretty sure about the sewing of them as I like to hand sew but all the cutting out and bits of paper is what puts me off. I have always loved how it looked though. As a child I wanted to do this but didn't have the patience and it put me off. Now I think I could!

    Hand stitching does make a difference I think. For me a machine quilt whizzed up in days is not a patch on a hand quilted one. I don't mean those with gigantic stitches (I hate some of those) but something normal sized will do. It brings a character and specialness to it that a machine one lacks. When it is a speed issue I find it a bit bizarre to take beautiful fabrics, cut them up and re-stitch as quick as you can. A quilt originally utilised little bits and pieces of fabric and that is still what a quilt is too me. I have digressed but patch work and quilting are associated for me.