Monday, August 15, 2011

Hexagons, Part Two


I just want to sit around all day making little hexagons.  Hand-stitching them all together is rather a different matter, but I do love these tidy bundles, tied up with cotton twine.  They are going to be a pillow cover, because I am purely unable to imagine sewing together enough of them to make any kind of quilt, and even a pillow cover means over a hundred of these, and umpteen teensy stitches.  It is strangely soothing work, given the puncture holes in my finger, but I find I really like to make more serious progress than this.  Which is why a girl has more than one project going at a time, right? 


  1. Sweet little piles of hexagons! Yes, it would be a real long job to make a quilt from these!
    Love your new header by the way - sorry its been a while since i visited!
    Gill xx

  2. ,,,right!,,,my projects aren't as pretty but i do have projects in perpetual motion, i understand completely,,,

  3. Oh god. I would run from that pile if it was going to be a big quilt! A pillow cover sounds perfect. Just enough stitchy business to be satisfying, not overwhelming. They look nice just as they are in their little bundles.

  4. Oh yes, very lovely bundles!
    There are times you just want to baste them, nothing else, and other times when you just want to sew them together - just perfect, just as one likes it at the moment.
    It is like two projects in one; three, if you count choosing fabric and cutting it!
    x Hilde
    PS I bought a wonderful sock-workshop-book...