Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Road Trip Socks, With Cat


These socks have lingered unfinished long enough, and I finally got back around to them yesterday, three weeks after they were all done except the toe.  Who knows why that last toe is a stumbling block for me, but it is.  So close to being finished, but I stuffed them in a bag and went on with other things.  These are my usual plain stockinette socks which I usually start when I’m faced with a long road trip (hatehatehate) done on US 1 needles and 60 stitches.  The yarn is from my dwindling stash of Koigu KPPPM and the colorway is something lyrical like P865 or whatever—actually, it’s a number I can’t remember, because of course I’ve lost the ball band.  (I know.  I don’t know what to do with me, either.)  

The cat, who already knows his girl has left home and is feeling it deeply, would not leave me alone. 





Poor boy.  I know, I miss her, too. 


Since the color geniuses at Koigu refuse to be fanciful, I’ll name this one for them:  let’s call it “Withering Hydrangeas.” 


  1. I haven't knitted since I learned to crochet, and I always regret it when I see cozy handmade knit socks. I have a dream that one day... my little crochet hooks and little knitting needles will play nicely with each other, and a pair of wonderfully knitty socks will be produced by yours truly. Your Withering Hydrangea pair is beautiful! (and so is Mr. Orange!)

  2. Gorgeous socks - and cute kitty! I don't knit, but if there's one thing that would make me give it a go, it's the thought of handmade socks! :)

  3. Love your socks - I think the cat does too!