Monday, September 12, 2011

Big Idea


The Great Ideas just bubble over, but this time I have not the skillz to make it happen on my own, so now I turn hopefully to you lovelies for some guidance.  I have found this succulent piece of upholstery fabric, and it looks exactly like some weird, slippery chairs I saw years ago in the ladies’ room at a Chinese restaurant, so of course I bought it and brought it home.  And I’m thinking it would make such a fantastic coat.  Right?  With some excellent pink floral cotton lining?  I know!  I’m jumping out of my skin right now, wanting to start cutting and sewing so I can wear the coat I have in my mind—I even know exactly which boots I’ll need to go out and buy somewhere, and the lacy knit scarf I can loop around my neck, and when my hair gets a bit longer, I will look. So. Fabulous!  But I need a pattern for this one.  (Aargh, if only I could knit a coat out of this fabric!)  I scoured the archives at Angry Chicken, maker of all fantastic, vintagey children’s coats, but hers aren’t quite what I’m after.  I want something along the lines of this, with no belt, all fitted in the back, in this gorgeous shiny gold brocade chair fabric.  Actually, this is pretty close.  (Tom Hulce, what have you been up to, anyway?  I miss you…) I want to make Elton John turn and look at me with envy next time I see him.  I want it to be the kind of coat that makes a girl want to throw out her entire wardrobe and start over, you know what I mean?  The kind of coat that just spells out exactly who you are? 

Of course, I’ll go over to the fabric shop, where I’ll sit hopefully with the pattern books, amidst the moms looking for Spongebob Squarepants Halloween costumes (why do I always want a new pattern right at Halloween time?) and I will search the books and maybe find something close.  More likely, I’ll end up here, and that, my friends, is a daunting prospect. 

If any of you amazing crafty peeps out there have seen such a coat pattern in your travels, would you please please leave me a comment?  Thank you, I love you all.