Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Coat Thinking, and Wool


While the coat idea simmers away (and it is, oh, it is!  I have lounged away almost an entire day scrolling through a whole new world of sewing blogs, penned by some extremely talented and superhilarious people who would surely scorn me and my slapdash ways—wait, it takes more than a day to finish a sewn garment?  Huh…) and please don’t stop with the suggestions, if you still have them; I love to hear from you, and if this coat is a success (it could happen; it’s theoretically possible) then of course I will want to make ten more, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…anyway, while that whole thing has been percolating in my mind, I made this:


That’s 360 yards of handspun, from a few batts gifted to me by the always fabulous Debbie, giver of the Cody’s Lambswool.  This is the hair of Liam, a charcoal ram of unknown parentage—Debbie adopted Liam from the Humane Society, and she doesn’t know what the heck he is.  His wool is looooooong, though, and was a bunch of fun to spin.  I think I’m getting the hang of the spinning!  Debbie, you’re awesome.  She gave me five more bags of wool, too, one bag of each of her flock.  It’s getting wooly around here.