Friday, September 16, 2011



I am so easily distracted!  This stuffed beach ball (why?) is so adorable and patchworky, and I have no power in the face of such things.  The pattern is at the always seductive Purl Bee.   I have three sweater/sweatery things this close to being done, but I see something clever and simple like this little ball (it comes in three sizes!  Eeeeee!) and it only takes an hour, and I just can’t help it.  Although, until a baby somehow wanders in the door (and none are imminent, are you kidding me?) this will sit on the shelf looking cute, and someday probably the dog will get ahold of it and that will be it.  In other news, I have bought the pattern (Mary Margaret!  That’s the one!) for the Elton coat, and today is the day.  In fact, I’m chomping at the bit to get at it.  See ya!