Friday, September 9, 2011

Folded Flower Bowls


This was a very easy, very quick little sewing project.  These are the Folded Flower Bowls from the book Sewing in a Straight Line by Brett Bara—in fact, check this out.  These cute bowls were brought to my attention by my (blogless) friend Michelle, who has the best taste of anybody.  These little things are so cute and so simple; they’re just a variation on the fabric trays made by tacking up the corners of a rectangle.  It’s that, and then just one more step!  Don’t even tell me you can’t do it, because you totally can. 


There are three sizes, and they nestle together.  I mean, come on!  Isn’t that great?  I bit the bullet and used some of my treasured Loulouthi fabrics for this set.  Delish.

I had to do a little tinkering, because the written instructions produce results that don’t match the project photo, and the project photo is what makes you want to make these in the first place, so if you do a set of them, study the photo and then go ahead and make the easy adjustments. 


I also made a couple using upholstery remnants.  If you do this, you won’t need to bother with the interfacing. 


These are all kinds of useful, or they’re simply pretty just sitting there empty. 



  1. These are just too pretty. And lovely. And useful too.
    A winner for sure!

  2. They turned out great!! I love loulouthi. Need to buy some.

  3. ,,,getting on with the project this weekend, since your suggestion is...even i can do this! i'm going to try with all my might to make my finish project look every bit as cute as yours, well maybe not every bit but you get the idea,,,have a beautiful weekend!,,,

  4. These are adorable! Seems like a great weekend project and a nice way to use some of my stash!

  5. So beautiful! I want some for putting sweeties in for Christmas. In fact I just want some! I need to buy the book and the fabric first though, so sadly they might have to wait. Gorgeous fabrics.

  6. Those are adorable!

    I gave you an award at my blog here:
    Check it out when you have a chance!


  7. Kristen I just love these! Thanks for sharing, I feel the urge to make some!
    Congrats on the award too - just spotted the comment!
    Gill xx

  8. so beautiful...I have to make more of these, yours are perfect!