Sunday, September 11, 2011

Granny Circle


Lately, I am loving the white doily, but I have such a creeping dread of ending up in a dusty house (full of cats, of course) with plastic flowers everywhere, a gigantic bottle of orange mouthwash beside the sink, and a doily on every flat surface. 


No worries here; this simple and modern take on granny’s doily collection is so perfect.  The worsted yarn makes it much less fussy, and though I admit to being gobsmacked by the delicate handwork in those teeny crochet doilies and I can’t imagine being able to see well enough anymore to accomplish one, it just isn’t my thing.  This pattern is from Whit at The Purl Bee (oh my, I do love that place) and actually, it’s a placemat, which means I can make another—but only one more, because my table is so small that even three will overlap each other.  Cozy living! 


  1. That is hilarious! Cats, doilies and mouthwash!!! What a hoot. It looks amazing hon - such a lovely clean look.

  2. I'm laughing at your comment about the doilies and the cats, but it is a fine line isn't it?! I sometimes wonder when my house will finally tip over the edge into old ladyesque and think that people that don't really 'get' me and my style probably think it already has!
    Hey ho!

  3. I love your doily and don't think it looks "old-lady" at all. I also love The Purl Bee! Have you crocheted Whit's Stash Basket yet? I made one this summer and it's FaNtAsTiC. =)

    Happy Monday ... Erin

  4. Love those placemats, have them on my Must Do list. Yours turned out super!

  5. You will not end up with doilies and cats and mouthwash because you have your mother's genes somewhere and they abhor clutter!

  6. Yours turned out cute! Simple is always best I think.