Monday, September 19, 2011

Mister Rogers’ Bathrobe


Thank you all for your very kind comments on my fab new coat!  While I was stitching away on that and tasting the sweet nectar of victory, this sweater was sprawled on the living room floor, taking three days to dry. 


Somehow I keep ending up with this color yarn in my stash—it’s Ella Rae Classic 124, which I think they are optimistically calling “coffee” (if my coffee were this color, I would throw it down the sink) but which I will more accurately call “Mice”, or maybe “Old Wigs”.  It is, actually, pretty much the exact color of my own hair as it turns from brown to gray, so could be I decide subconsciously that it will match me or something.  Anyway, it’s sort of a taupe.  (I am getting desperate for some color—must medicinally crochet a couple granny squares.) 


You might be able to see here that it’s hanging off the dressmaker’s dummy like a bathrobe—note to self:  always, always make the XS, even though self is not XS in any way.  This is doubtless (as usual) my own fault, though I did make a gauge swatch, and I always think I need to lengthen the arms but then end up with built-in mittens when it’s way too huge.  Most people would live and learn…anyway, even though it is the color of dishwater and has sort of a pipe-smoking grandpa vibe, I love it anyway.  It completely covers my backside (hooray for small miracles!) and will go with everything I own.  The pattern is Snowbird by Heidi Kirrmaier (look how nicely hers fits!  Maybe I can do another one of these in oatmeal?  Because I don’t have enough brownish cardigans!)

I also made the shirt:


This is The Minimalist Cowl by The Selfish Seamstress (see, I told you I was hooked!)  I made it using a leftover piece of jersey—the other shirt I made using the rest of it met an early demise after tangling with some olive oil.

Look, it’s a nice, simple cowl top, rendered as though it came from Old Navy!


Obviously, I don’t know what I’m doing with sewing t-shirt fabric.  Well, practice and learn, right?  I don’t even want to tell you that it only has three pieces to sew together, but I still had to pick out the same seam twice to get it right.  It’s a simple pattern, but I am just that way. 


  1. Wow...both are beautiful. Very impressive!!

  2. Your sweater looks totally comfortable in a good way, and you can wear lots of color underneath it. I had a dishwater grey one last year and wore it to death. Did you use a serger on the cowl tee? I have one but it's still in the box. I'm kind of afraid of it.

  3. Whoa...the colour is Milo and it should be wrapped around oneself when sitting curled up with a mug of something nice and a book and a fire and so forth!
    (As is the coat!)

  4. awesome work as always!

    re: oil spill

    use white blackboard chalk.


    you "color" over the stain (both sides if it is particularly *ahem* messy) let stand for a few minutes (at least, or until laundry day is fine as well) then launder as usual.

    Older stains or really bad ones may need more than one treatment, but I have removed old, set-in stains from vintage linens using this method.

    It works for anything oil-based (ie: lipstick, salad dressing, oil, etc)

  5. Loving both.
    Beautiful coloured cowl-top. Me likey.

  6. Aw, thanks guys! Beckie, that's an excellent tip--I would go try it right now, except I have thrown away the stained shirt, but I will surely have the same olive oil accident again, and will try this immediately when it happens. :)