Thursday, September 22, 2011

Patchwork Pin Cushions


This is why I like to have a big basket of fabric scraps and half a bag of stuffing lying around the house at all times.  There’s been so much neutral knitting happening here lately and I just felt the need of some color in my crafty life, and this little project didn’t require any decision-making or trips to the store.  Perfect!  The buttons (I’m so glad I kept those) are from a bag of somebody’s castoffs, bought last fall for $1, which mostly contained those little replacement buttons that come in a teeny ziploc bag with your clothes and which will almost always outlast the garment itself.  I doubt she—whoever she is—still has that orange suit.  Usually I think, I don’t need these weird orange fabric-covered buttons, what am I going to do with those?  You.  Never.  Know. 


The pattern is from Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson—such a gorgeous and inspiring book—and I can tell you it’s easy peasy, except you may wish you had a hemostat to get that embroidery needle pulled through the center.  I have a few of them and who knew medical supplies could be so handy for sewing?  Yeah, if you ever find yourself in the emergency room getting your chin stitched up following an inelegant but still spectacular half-gainer at the ice rink, ask if you can keep the hemostats they used on you.  You really never know!  Armed with the extra grippy-ness of a blood vessel clamp, you can haul a big needle through almost anything.  (That’s not very cozy, is it?)


Ooooh, pretty!