Saturday, October 15, 2011

Abacus Bracelet


This is something I’ve been needing for years, only I didn’t know I needed it because I didn’t know there even was such a thing, until I was deep in the patterns on Ravelry and came upon it.  It’s a Row-Counting Abacus Bracelet!  (My scientist husband said, “Do you know how to use an abacus?” If this is an abacus, then yes!)  Here’s how it works:  the smaller beads count as one, and the larger beads count as ten, and as you complete your row, you scoot that little ring of teeny silver beads, which is on an elastic cord, over the first small bead—one row counted.  When you get to the tenth row, you scoot all the small beads back under the ring and move the first of the big beads through it.  Then for row eleven, you have one big and one small bead; for row twenty-three, you have two big beads and three small ones, and so on.  It’s all about how many of which beads are all on one side of the ring.  Brilliant!  This thing is going to save me, like, two bucks a year on sticky notes…and now I can hear you all thinking about how much you need one of these, too.  The tutorial I followed is here.   I just used whatever beads I had around here that had holes big enough for the cord to fit through, which is why it’s a bit of a mishmash.  It’s a little bit motley, which is just the way I like it.