Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall kitchen, with sunshine


There is something so good about a clean kitchen on a sunshine day.  A bucket of hot sudsy water and a cotton rag transforms not just the floor, but also me, somehow, too. 


  1. Totally get that. The best thing that happened to me this weekend? My husband mopped the kitchen floor for me. I am a cheap date!

  2. i know the feeling..i cleaned my fridge yesterday and now when i open it up i feel lighter..

    by the way your room is so pretty..:)

  3. this pic almost gives me chills. I can totally feel it.

    you may have just inspired me to clean.

  4. Kristen, I feel like I am in a black hole or something because I am missing posts, like your wonderful sweater, your beautiful kitchen in the Autumn light and this perfectly amazing scarf. Wonderful.
    Happy Halloween,

  5. What a great pic. My kitchen is well overdue for a good Spring clean but I have bought a flash new pair of rubber gloves now so there's no stopping me. Well actually there is something stopping me - I would rather be sitting down with my crochet hooks. Bad, bad housewife!!!