Friday, October 7, 2011

Nutkin Socks


This picture has nothing to do with the socks I just finished.  I was just so happy the sun was shining, and the socks are knit in dark navy yarn that sort of absorbed all the light in the room—you can see there was some—and so you’ll never be able to see them. 


My mom is thinking, get your feet off the table!  Sorry, Mom.

You’ll just have to trust me that these are pretty cool, although they are a teeny bit too small for me.  They look like they’re covered with cables, but they’re really not, it’s all done with smoke and mirrors, and with k2 tog and YO.  The lovely pattern is called Nutkin, available free from, and I used (I think) some kind of sock yarn from Cascade—I started these a really long time ago and I can’t remember.  These socks might be the last of the pre-blog projects to finally be finished.  And that’s it for socks for awhile, I’m pretty sure.  The sock drawer is full to bursting again, but it was eighty degrees today and wearing socks seems crazy.  I love New York!   I might spend the whole day tomorrow sitting in the sun and embroidering.  Does that sound like heaven, or what?