Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Teensy Books


I love tiny things!  The more I say this to people, the more I hear that everyone else loves them, too.  I have still not gotten to the bottom of why I love them, though I think it might have something to do with portability, I don’t know.  Anyway, if all my books were as small as these, I’d have a lot more storage space for yarn, is all I can say.  I always wanted a dollhouse, too, and spent too much time sitting on my bed with a notebook, doodling unreasonable furniture plans (hand-carved Queen Anne table legs?) and wondering if functioning light switches would be possible.  I would worry later about the problem of how to become small enough to actually live in it.  Details, details.


Somehow the dollhouse never happened, and now it just seems like I’d rather apply that kind of planning and effort to my regular-sized house, but it hasn’t stopped me from loving the tiny.  So I saw this sweet little project on Craftster last week and went kind of nutso with teeny stuff love.

I decided to take the tutorial a half step further and make little wee-tiny signatures, rather than just stacking loose paper into the centers of my books.  I thought that would make them look more book-like (and also help the binding to be squared, rather than just folded.)  I made the pages with actual book pages (don’t hate me, I love books) and the covers from leather scraps (I have a small stash of leather scraps.  I said don’t hate me) and used Mod Podge (is there anything Mod Podge can’t do?  Seriously!) to glue the signatures to each other and to the insides of the book covers.  I clamped them shut with binder clips, and waited about twenty minutes for them to dry.  Then I punched a hole through both of them together with a hammer and a small nail.  Watch your work surface if you do that!  Don’t go getting all caught up in the excitement of making teensy books and wreck your table.  It almost happened to me is why I’m telling you.  There was a last minute save, and everything’s okay, but it was close.


I stuck a head pin through the hole and strung it on a chain.  Squeeak!  It’s so tiny!  Oh man, I just love it.